Cooroy Fusion to get it’s Very Own Donut

cooroy fusion donutThe Cooroy Fusion Donut will make it’s one off debut at this years Cooroy Fusion Festival.

Local entrepreneurs Donut Kitchen will be employing their ‘doughology’ to create a special donut just for us.

Driven by a desire to recreate their Melbourne childhood memories, Julia of Donut Kitchen says “Growing up in Melbourne, our regular trip to the Melbourne markets, meant a treat of 1/2 a dozen hot jam donuts, well maybe a dozen was more the norm, to satisfy us all.

It is these childhood memories that gave us the idea to bring the same delicious hot jam donuts to where we live now on the Sunshine Coast Queensland at the Eumundi Markets, and we fitted right in, as the Eumundi market is famously known for its bake it – sow it create it ethos, and to boot has an extensive list of fabulous street food to choose from, we noticed that they didn’t have any Berliner styled or hot jam donuts.

So after 8 months of researching, and testing so many recipes and variations of ingredients, we finally stumbled upon what we believe to be the closest thing to our Melbourne memories, of a light fluffy sweet dough, with a sweet jam and sugar donut treat.

Make sure you come down on May 7th 2016 to taste the Cooroy Fusion Donut!

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